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A KING'S CALLING (5/18/12) PDF Print E-mail
Written by keith   
Monday, 14 May 2012 00:47

Last Updated on Tuesday, 22 May 2012 20:45
Written by keith   
Thursday, 22 March 2012 07:16







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Written by keith   
Monday, 05 March 2012 05:24
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Domination of Warriors (3/2/12) PDF Print E-mail
Written by keith   
Wednesday, 15 February 2012 17:30
For Official Results Click the link below, or Read On for Play-By-Play by MMA BUZZ...

 Beatdown MMA present:

Domination Of Warriors

 Written by J.R. Gordon at

Friday night March 03, 2012 at Red and Jerry’s event center the Rocky Mountain Bad Boyz and Beatdown MMA promotions held their, “Domination Of Warriors” MMA event.

Main event: Brian Wood vs. Nick Buschman in a 145lb. professional fight.  The fighters were both content to work from the outside probing with kicks and long punches for a good portion of the round.  Wood did get a takedown but Buschman came to standing immediately.  Wood faked a shot and came with an overhand right that stunned Buschman.  Wood went to standing back control but Buschman escaped and they clinched.  Wood got a takedown and from back control tried for an inverted triangle choke that Buschman escaped.  The fighters came to standing and clinched to end the round.  Round two had Wood closing for a takedown and Buschman getting head control on the way to the mat.  Wood escaped and the fighters scrambled for position ending with Wood having North/South.  Buschman worked for a takedown and Wood countered with a very deep Kimura.  Buschman escaped and they came to standing. Buschman got a takedown and escaped an attempted guillotine.  From his back Wood threatened with a triangle choke but Buschman escaped.  Again the fighters scrambled, came to standing and Wood secured a standing Kimura that he used to take Buschman to the mat.  On the ground Wood closed off the shoulder lock submission to get the main event win at 3:57 of round two.

Gabe Marquez vs. Tommy Thompson in a 145lb. professional fight.  Johnson used his striking to set up a takedown.  On the mat Thompson scrambled to side control then back control.  Thompson worked for an RNC that Marquez defended.  The fighters scrambled to standing and Thompson momentarily had standing back control before slipping off.  They came to standing and Thompson dropped Marquez with a punch.  Thompson came to standing then jumped guard for a guillotine that Marquez escaped.  Thompson slipped to the mat and Marquez landed a kick then he went to the mat and off of a scramble he set in a triangle choke that Thompson escaped.  The fighters scrambled again and Thompson tried for another guillotine choke that was defended.  The round ended with the fighters coming to standing and working strikes.  Round two had a brief exchange before Thompson landed an uppercut that pushed Marquez into the cage. With his opponent stunned Thompson flurried with a combination of punches and multiple knees to the head that earned Thompson the TKO win at :49 of round two.

Scott Grimm vs. Ricky Johnson in a 135lb. professional fight.  Johnson scored a takedown when Grimm closed in to punch.  On the mat Grimm got half guard then came to his knees to escape but Johnson looped an arm around the neck and scored the RNC win with the tapout coming at :57 of round one. 

The rest of the fights were in the elimination division.

Kris Hocum vs. Michael Mathews.  Mathews landed a head kick early but Hocum got a takedown into full mount.  Mathews escaped to standing but it went to the mat again almost immediately and again Hocum took full mount and flurried with GNP.  Mathews went to his knees and escaped then tried for an armlock. Hocum defended and again worked into full mount.  Mathews rolled to escape and worked for an RNC until the bell ended the round. Round two saw Hocum shoot for and get a takedown almost immediately.  On the mat both fighters worked for chokes until Hocum took mount.  Mathews scored a sweep and worked for an armbar that was defended until the bell ended the round.  Round three began with a takedown attempt by Hocum that put Mathews on his back.  Hocum worked into side control and tried for a Kimura before working into mount then back control.  From the back Hocum transitioned from an RNC attempt into an armbar attempt that Mathews was able to escape.  Mathews transitioned to back control and tried for an RNC that was defended until the bell ended the fight.  The scorecards were read and the 170lb. title winner by unanimous decision was Kris Hocum.   

Sylvester Mitchell vs. Josh Copeland.  The fighters had a long feeling out process before Mitchell pressed forward with kicks then punches.  When they clinched Mitchell initiated a takedown but Copeland landed on top to work GNP.  The action slowed and the referee stood the fighters.  Mitchell worked kicks until Copeland landed a punch combination then clinched and ended the round threatening with a guillotine choke.  Round two was mainly the fighters circling one another and loading up with big strikes until they clinched, then went to the mat with Copeland landing on top and flurrying with GNP to get the TKO win at 2:43 of round two.

Blaine Power vs. Mark McGlasson for the 135 lb. title.  Power ran across the cage and landed a front kick to the face of McGlasson that dropped him. McGlasson recovered but Power took mount and worked strikes.  Power landed an illegal strike to the back of the head and the fighters were stood and restarted.  On the restart McGlasson ran across the cage and the fighters exchanged strikes.  Off of the cage McGlasson got a takedown and took mount to flurry with GNP to get the title winning TKO at 1:11 of round one.

Zac Hare vs. John Maldonaldo.  Maldonaldo displayed an early kicking attack until the fighters clinched and traded knee strikes.  Off of the cage Hare got a takedown and after escaping a guillotine choke attempt he transitioned to full mount.  Hare postured and threw punches and the referee stood the fighters after he landed an illegal strike to the back of the head.  On the restart Maldonaldo landed a low blow and the fight paused.  On the restart Maldonaldo scored a takedown and worked for a triangle until the bell ended the round.  Round two saw Maldonaldo shoot for a takedown early that Hare defended.  The fighters traded knee strikes against the cage until Hare committed to and got a takedown.  Hare worked to full mount but Maldonaldo rolled him and worked GNP from inside Hare’s guard until the round ended.  Round three had Hare pushing Maldonado into the cage and getting a takedown.  Hare transitioned to back control but Maldonado turned in and worked GNP until Hare swept him.  The action slowed and the referee stood the fighters.  Maldonaldo got a takedown and worked GNP until the bell ended the fight.  The scorecards were read and the winner by split decision was John Maldonaldo .

Jarrod Jordan vs. Tim Radcliffe.  Jordan used his striking to set up a takedown but Radcliffe ended on top and worked from North/South with GNP until the referee stood the fighters.  On the restart Jordan flurried with fast punches that ended with a knee to the body that dropped Radcliffe.  Jordan threw a few GNP strikes and the referee stopped the bout giving the TKO win to Jarrod Jordan at 1:40 of round one.

Randy Rowland vs. Sean Johnson in a kickboxing bout.  The fighters had strong exchanges with both landing varied techniques until Johnson scored a knockdown for an eight count.  The fight resumed and the fighters both fighters stayed active and scored well until the bell ended the round.  Round two began with Johnson active early and Rowland looking to counter.  Mid-round Rowland landed a head kick and several good punches the he scored well with a Superman punch to end the round.  Round three had even trades early and this continued until the bell with both fighters increasing their aggression as the round progressed.  The scorecards were read and the winner by majority judge decision was Randy Rowland. 

“Of The Night” moments:

Submission of the night goes to Brian Wood for his main event winning Kimura.

KO/TKO of the night goes to Tommy Thompson for his fight ending flurry of punches and knees.

Fight of the night goes to Gabe Marquez and Tommy Thompson for their action packed bout that had the crowd cheering throughout.

Thanks to all of the sponsors for making the event possible.

Be sure to check the site calendar for upcoming events.

Best in Health and Training,

J.R. Gordon

Last Updated on Monday, 05 March 2012 05:23
Cage of Fury (12/9/11) PDF Print E-mail
Written by Administrator   
Sunday, 01 January 2012 21:04


Read More for Play-by-Play Results!

Last Updated on Wednesday, 15 February 2012 17:30
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